Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Wikiwomen Eye Contest

This woman and her photo appear somewhere in the Wikipedia, and she has a substantially sized entry. Can you guess who she is? I would like to offer a gift to the first person who correctly identifies her.

This seems to be almost impossible to me.
Anita Dark ?
nelly furtado
Me too, but almost impossible isn't impossible. I'm going to keep trying in order to get that free gift.
Not Louise Brooks, although there is a similarity.
Looks like Kristin Hersh's eyes to me
that's liv tyler. i want my gift
lucy lawless?
might be Bettie Page
Charlotte Church
Agent 99

Barbara Feldon
Could it be Milla Jovovich?
Diana, Princess of Wales
Laura Flynn Boyle... Pay up
Laura Flynn Boyle
And the winner is ?
it is Demi Moore
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